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Trenton Firefighters Rescue Occupants in Late-Night Blaze


By: Jeff Sommes 

Trenton firefighters faced a challenge Tuesday night as they combated a rapidly spreading fire that inflicted damage on a residential property in the city.BookThe emergency call led crews to 170 Boudinot Street shortly before 9 p.m., where they encountered smoke billowing from a two-and-a-half-story wooden house.

Initial reports indicated that occupants were trapped inside.

Upon arrival, firefighters quickly sprang into action, assisting two individuals and a family dog to safety from the building.

Efforts to quell the flames included deploying hoses to strategically target the fire, successfully bringing the situation under control within the hour.

Initial reports indicated that one of the rescued individuals required hospitalization for non-life-threatening injuries, while the other received on-site medical attention.

As the community begins to recover from the scare, the investigation into the cause of the fire remains active, with authorities working to determine the circumstances that led to the fire.