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Totowa Woman Files Lawsuit After Allegedly Finding Dead Rodent Inside Her Arizona Ice Tea Can

By kcora on

A Totowa woman has filed a lawsuit against Arizona beverage company after she allegedly found a dead rodent inside her can.

According to the suit, Samantha Corrado on August 22, 2016, bought the Arizona beverage at the CVS on Union Boulevard in Totowa.

Corrado states that after putting the beverage in her refrigerator to get cold, she drank it but soon realized that the can felt a lot heavier than an empty can should.

Once she looked inside, she allegedly saw the dead rodent.

Officials say that Corrado in her 11-page lawsuit filed in Passaic County Superior Court claims the incident caused psychiatric and psychological injuries.

Among those listed in the lawsuit are Arizona Beverage Company, Whitlock Packaging Corporation, and CVS.

It is unclear at this time, how or when the rodent reportedly entered the can.

According to Whitlock Packaging, who is now owned by Refresco the incident is under investigation.

The lawsuit accuses the companies of product liability, negligence, gross negligence, willful and wanton misconduct, reckless misconduct, intentional misconduct and breach of contract.

According to the suit, Corrado is seeking compensatory and punitive damages, interest and legal fees.