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Toms River Police Investigate Threats at High School North

By kcora on
Toms River

Police continue to investigate a threat that was posted inside one of the school's bathroom walls.

According to police, on Dec. 6th High School North staff notified police after they discovered graffiti that stated, “do not come to school 12/9 boom boom" inside a bathroom wall.

An investigation ensued, where police received information that there was a previous threatening message written on the same wall during the last week of November.

Although this is believed to be the actions of an irresponsible student that did not contemplate the full ramifications of their actions; the incident is being handled as a criminal matter.

Since this incident was first reported, specially trained K-9 units assigned by Ocean County Sheriff Michael Mastronardy conducted more than one safety search of the school on different days.

According to police, today additional police officers were on the campus to provide an extra layer of security for the students and staff, as an abundance of caution.

We are investigating several leads and urge any student with information as to the identity of the responsible student to contact the police department or school staff. This information will be kept strictly confidential.

Chief Mitchell states that “If the perpetrator is identified, the police department will be filing all appropriate criminal charges.” David Healy, Toms River Schools Superintendent, adds that “any student proven to be responsible for this act will be subject to discipline. This ranges from suspension up to a recommendation to the board of education for expulsion.”

These matters are of great concern to us because of the wasted school and police resources. This incident alone cost taxpayers thousands of dollars in assigned man-hours and parents could be held financially liable for reimbursement.

As a reminder, earlier this year, two Toms River School students were arrested and charged for making social media threats.

We hope to have that same level of success in putting an end to the fear generation by thoughtless students.

Copy of letter sent out to parents by school staff

Dear Parents and Guardians:

As some of you may be aware there was a message written on the bathroom wall at High School North that was perceived to be a threat. We have been in communication with our local law enforcement agencies and after a full inspection, they have reported that there is no current threat to the safety and security of our students and faculty. We have long had protocols in place and our administration and safety officers will continue to remain vigilant in our schools in order to provide an extra layer of security.

We take the safety of your children very seriously and will continue to monitor all locations while remaining in communication with law enforcement.


David Healy

Superintendent of Schools

Ed Keller

High School North Principal