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Three Women Robbed at Gunpoint, Attacked in Maplewood


The Maplewood Police Department is investigating three armed robberies that occurred today. 

According to Chief Jimmy DeVaul, all three victims were women walking alone at the time. 

Chief DuVaul said in all three incidents, the suspect was wearing a mask covering their face. 

The first incident happened at 10:10 am in the area of 124 Jacoby Street.

Chief DuVaul said a 64-year-old female township resident was walking alone when approached by a masked individual from behind, brandished a handgun, knocked her to the ground and assaulted her by striking her in the face.

Chief DuVaul said the suspect stole her purse then jumped into a dark-colored vehicle waiting nearby.

She was transported to University Hospital for treatment. 

The second incident occurred at approximately 11:00  a.m. this morning in the area of 95 Franklin Terrace.

Chief DuVaul said a 44-year-old female Irvington resident was walking alone when approached by a dark-colored vehicle when a masked individual exited the passenger side, brandished a handgun and demanded her purse. 

After a brief struggle for the purse, the suspect reportedly got control of the bag, entered the vehicle and fled the area.

Chief DuVaul said the victim of this incident did not request medical attention at the time of the incident. 

The third incident occurred at approximately 1 pm this afternoon in the area of 616 Irvington Avenue. 

Chief DuVaul said a  37-year-old female Newark resident was walking alone when approached by a dark-colored vehicle when a masked individual exited the passenger side, brandishing a handgun and demanding her purse.

The victim relinquished her purse without resistance and she was unharmed.

The suspect got back into the vehicle and fled the area. 

In all incidents, Chief DuVaul said the suspected vehicle fled the scene to the borders then returned to the area.

According to Chief DeVaul, the Maplewood Police Department has assigned additional resources to assist with the investigation and provide an increased police presence in the area. 

Detectives have identified the suspect vehicle involved in these incidents from township license plate readers.

The vehicle, a dark grey Infinity, was stolen out of Newark City early this morning, running with the key in it. 

Detectives are working in collaboration with neighboring Police agencies to locate the vehicle. 

Chief DuVaul said all indications are that this vehicle and suspects are involved with all three of the incidents. 

It is suspected this vehicle was involved in robberies in other jurisdictions.