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Three Shots in Newark Central Ward Shots Fired Incident


There were multiple victims injured in a shots fired incident that occurred on a street in Newark's Central Ward Saturday morning.

Rutgers University Police contacted Newark authorities when about three victims entered the emergency department at University Hospital suffering various bullet wounds just before 2:30 a.m.

Police officers were dispatched to the vicinity of 245 Muhammad Ali Avene where units canvased the area and found several shell casings according to reports.

Newark officials have not confirmed if all of the victims were shot at that location since peace in other parts of the city was interrupted by the sound of shots fired.

Police say two of the victims pulled up to the hospital in a red vehicle that was struck by nearly a dozen bullets. A female was struck to the back and a male suffered a graze injury when they were attacked by armed suspects occupying a black or dark-colored BMW.

It is not immediately clear where the third victim suffered his injuries at this time

Both considered non-life threatening injuries.

The investigation into the motive for the shooting/s remains active and ongoing.

No arrests have been reported.