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Three NJ Residents Arrested for Stealing $71K From Atlantic Health Center

New Jersey

By: Richard L. Smith 

A host of Morris County, law enforcement officials announced the arrests of three residents for stealing over $71K from Atlantic Health Center. 

Jessica Addison, 39, and Kaleigh Kalb, 21, of Chester, and Isabella Valentine, 21, of Mendham Township, were taken into custody in connection with a theft of monies in late 2021.    

According to a statement released by Morris County officials, during the month of November 2021, The Morris County Prosecutor's Office Financial Crimes Unit became involved in an investigation into a suspected employee theft of payroll funds out of the Atlantic Health System facility located in Morris Plains.   

Officials said a further investigation revealed that Jessica Addison, now a former employee of Atlantic Health System, engaged in a scheme with Kaleigh Kalb and Isabella Valentine to create false employee profiles.

Officials say this allowed Addison to submit fabricated timecards for Kalb and Valentine even though neither performed work for the company.

As a result, weekly payroll distributions totaling approximately $71,157 were received, and systematically shared amongst the three women.

 As a result of the investigation,  Morris County officials said Addison, Kalb and Valentine were each charged with Theft, Third Degree, and Conspiracy to Commit Theft, Third Degree. 

The three were charged on a summons complaint and released pending a court appearance. 

Officials asked if anyone has any information related to this investigation, and they are encouraged to call the Financial Crimes Unit of the Morris County Prosecutor's Office at 973-285-6200

Morris County officials said businesses of any size are encouraged to timely report being victims of criminal activity and cooperate with law enforcement.

"This enables investigating agencies to utilize available resources to identify persons involved, obtain further evidence and bring those responsible to face charges in a court of law."