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Three NJ Men Arrested for Criminal Mischief


Somerset County authorities announced the arrests of Mr. Claudino G. Petruccelli, 22, Wyckoff,  Mr. Steve V. Koshlyak, 34, Delanco, and Mr. Zackerji I. Ivanovic, 41, Union Beach. 

Prosecutor Robertson stated that on Saturday, November 27, at approximately 10:06 p.m., a Somerville Patrol Officer, while on routine patrol, observed three males in the area of Veteran’s Memorial Drive near the Somerville Train Station area hanging stickers on the rear of designated posted parking and traffic signs.  

The Patrol Officer, along with additional Somerville Patrol Officers, approached the three individuals identified as Claudino G. Petruccelli, Steve V. Koshlyak and Zackerji I. Ivanovic.  

Police say all three men were arrested for criminal mischief for placing stickers on Borough and State property.  

Multiple sheets of stickers were found in possession of all three defendants.  

Defendant Koshlyak was wearing blue latex gloves in an attempt to conceal his fingerprints while placing the stickers.

Prosecutor Robertson stated that a search incident to arrest defendant Petruccelli’s backpack found him to be in possession of a 12 ounce can of Phoenix pepper spray with dye in violation of the legal limit to possess, which is listed at .75 ounces. 

Prosecutor Robertson stated that defendant Petruccelli was charged with fourth-degree Possession of a Weapon (Fourth Degree Offense) and Criminal Mischief (Disorderly Persons Offense).

Defendant Koshlyak was charged with Criminal Mischief (Disorderly Persons Offense) and Hindering Apprehension (Disorderly Persons Offense).  

Defendant Ivanovic was charged with Criminal Mischief (Disorderly Persons Offense).  

All three defendants were released on their own recognizance pending a Somerville Municipal Court Appearance.   

Prosecutor Robertson, Chief Fodor and Chief Manning request that anyone with information relating to the investigation contact the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office at 908-231-7100 or the Somerville Police Department at 908-725-0331 or via the STOPit app.

The STOPit app allows citizens to provide anonymous reports, including videos and photos.