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Temperature Drop: Chilly Day Ahead in Newark, North Jersey Region


LawyersBy: Richard L. Smith 

Residents in Newark and the surrounding North Jersey region are in for a significant weather shift today, with temperatures dropping sharply compared to the previous day.

While yesterday brought relatively milder conditions, today is expected to be notably cooler.

With increasing cloud cover, the high temperature is forecasted to reach around 51 degrees. However, the substantial drop in temperature over the last 24 hours- nearly 10 degrees- is grabbing everyone's attention.

According to data from The National Weather Service, the current morning temperature stands at 49 degrees in areas like Kearny, East Newark, and Harrison.

In some northern parts of New Jersey, particularly near Mahwah and upper Bergen County, residents are waking up to even chillier temperatures in the high 30s.

As the day progresses, residents are advised to prepare for cooler conditions and don that extra heavy jacket to stay warm in the brisk autumn air.