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Teens Set Off Fireworks at Jersey City's Newport Mall, Prompting Shooting Scare

Jersey City

Three juveniles are on the run after lighting off fireworks inside a mall on Thursday evening.

Police say the chaotic incident prompted several units to the Newport Centre Mall around 7 p.m. for reports of a shooting in progress. However, upon arrival, they soon realized this was not the case.

Jersey City Police found evidence of fireworks once on the scene, including the paper from the firecrackers.

A preliminary investigation at the scene revealed that the juveniles fired off the fireworks in the mall near the Banter's store.

After setting off the fireworks, the teens reportedly jumped among frantic shoppers and employees and fled the mall.

The investigation is ongoing, but police are using security footage to track the suspects.

At this point, it's unclear what charges the teens would face, but no one was hurt and they certainly created a disturbance.

Managers in some stores told RLS Media that Newport Centre Mall was not officially evacuated.

"It was understood why those inside did decide to self-evacuate from the mall," managers said.