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A TALENTED SKIRT: A Reflection on Women's History Month

A great and wise woman, Shirley Chisholm, once said, “Tremendous amounts of talent are being lost to our society just because that talent wears a skirt.” I say, truer words have never been spoken in that regard.

How wasteful to allow untouched talent to sit on the margins of society and watch those pretending to have talent. I know there are some out there who will say, I’m not pretending. I have real talent. Well, if that’s you, then I’m not addressing you.

However, I am addressing those who allow their self-absorbed egos to propel them into lanes where they don’t belong; lanes where they obviously cannot function. And in doing so, they prevent important agendas from moving.

Everyone has a place from which they operate in a way that demonstrates their abilities and talents.

When people are allowed to work from that place, there is more engagement, motivation, and retention. Just imagine men pushing to empower and support women who have demonstrated over and over again that we can operate out of our God-given talent and experiences that we have encountered along the way.

For instance, if the playing field was leveled, powerhouses like a Ketanji Brown-Jackson, although well-poised, would not be met with the flurries of attacks on her decisions, her work experiences, and accusations.  Is she perfect? Absolutely not, but nor is anyone else.

Yet, we know the climate of man’s beliefs is not likely to change for a very long time, therefore, it is our job to level up and bring those who will, those who can, and those who should, with us. In her case at least, if she is confirmed, I hope she will become the game-changer needed in that position.

At best, we should all find our place and do what we do best whatever it is and whoever we are. In fact, if my soror, Shirley Chisholm was alive today, she might be surprised to learn that some of that talent wearing a skirt is the exact opposite of her thinking.

Times have changed, but having the talent to perform has not. So, although we are at the end of Women’s Herstory Month, see if you can right a wrong that you or perhaps someone you are aware of may have visited upon a woman who has been denied an opportunity simply because she wears the proverbial skirt.

After all, was it not a talented skirt/woman who found a way to be your first teacher, your caregiver, your protector, your everything until you could do for yourself?

Until next time, keep flying on your own wings.