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SUV Gets Stuck on Train Tracks in Bergen County, Prompting Emergency Response


By: Richard L. Smith 

Early this morning, NJ Transit Police and Rutherford Police responded to an incident in Bergen County where a passenger vehicle became stuck on the tracks.AHAThe event happened around 6:35 a.m. at Station Square in Rutherford, where authorities found an SUV disabled just past the crossings and onto the tracks.

The driver of the SUV managed to exit the vehicle and reach safety without sustaining any injuries.

Following the incident, train service in the area was temporarily suspended to ensure the safety of passengers and facilitate the removal of the vehicle.


Car stuck

Despite the potential for significant disruption, the quick response from local police and NJ Transit authorities helped to minimize the impact on the morning commute.

Train service was halted briefly, but officials reported no significant delays to the overall transit schedule.

NJ Transit and local law enforcement are investigating the circumstances that caused the vehicle to become stranded on the tracks.