Super Bargains at NJ Airports for Travel 'Tuesday Deals', Online Journal says

The post-Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping period for consumers to find deals on travel, including both flights and hotels is being dubbed Travel Tuesday.

According to reported Hayley Berg, travel deal Tuesday 2019 returns with bigger and better travel discounts especially for New Jersey airports.

"I expect December 3rd will be the biggest day for travel deals in the post-Thanksgiving shopping period' Berg said in a November 3, 2019 article.

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According to the article, Berg said collects 25 to 30 billion flight and hotel price quotes every day and has built a huge historical archive of trillions of prices from over the past several years. The company analyzed its historical pricing data and found that the Tuesday following Thanksgiving has consistently offered the most significant volume of deals that week.

Berg said last year, Hopper saw more flights discounted on Travel Deal Tuesday than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined -- and consumers planned 80% more trips on this day compared to Black Friday and 40% more than on Cyber Monday.

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