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Sunny and Breezy Day Ahead for Newark, North Jersey Region



Ad By: Richard L. Smith 

Get ready for a delightful weather treat today as Newark and the North Jersey region gear up for a day of beauty and sunshine.

The National Weather Service said conditions are promising, with the humidity at a comfortable 65%, a gentle northern breeze of 10 mph, and the barometer at 29.82 inches.

According to NWS forecasters, the day is expected to be mostly sunny, with temperatures reaching a pleasant high of around 78 degrees. A north wind, ranging between 10 to 13 mph, will provide a refreshing touch to the air.

Looking ahead, the forecast for the Labor Day weekend seems promising.

However, be prepared for a change in weather patterns as a three-day heatwave is expected to kick in on Monday. Temperatures are anticipated to soar into the 90s during this period.

For now, NWS meteorologists say seize the opportunity to enjoy the sunny and breezy day and make the most of the upcoming Labor Day weekend before the heatwave settles in for the start of the week.

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