Sunday Snow, Monday Rain in Newark May Produce Flooding Residents Asked to Observe No Parking on Snow Covered Roadways

Newark Public Safety Director Anthony F. Ambrose reports that snow, sleet and rain predicted Sunday into Monday may produce flooding in certain areas.

A chance of snow and sleet is expected on Sunday, December 1st beginning before 9 a.m., followed by a mix of rain, snow and sleet until noon. Rain will continue Sunday with a mix of rain and snow before noon on Monday. Less than an inch of snow accumulation is expected. All residents are asked to observe the city’s “No Parking on Snow Covered Roads” regulations due to the expected snowfall.

Signs have been posted on streets throughout the City of Newark to notify motorists of the streets designated for no parking during snow storms. Motorist and residents are urged to look for the sign pictured below to identify the streets where the parking ban will be enforced.

Violators can expect to be issued a summons and towed. These regulations are essential to the removal/plowing of snow and salting operations and to allow emergency vehicles to pass. Whenever possible, off-street parking is recommended during snow storms. That may mean partnering with a neighbor to use their driveway.

All residents are reminded that tossing snow into the street is against the law, and violators will be fined.

Whenever snow has fallen and the accumulation is such that it covers the street or highway is provided below. No vehicle shall be parked on the following main traveled or major roadways or portions thereof:

· Astor St. from Clinton Ave. to Frelinghuysen Ave. · Avon Ave. from Clinton Ave. to Irvington Town Line · Bergen St. from West Market St. to Chancellor Ave. · Bleeker Street from Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd. to University Ave. · Bloomfield Pl. from Broad St. to Broadway · Branford Pl. From Broad St. to Springfield Ave. · Bridge St. from Broad St. to McCarter Hwy · Broad St. from Poinier St. to Bloomfield Pl. · Broadway from Broad St. to Bloomfield Ave. · Central Ave. from Broad St. to Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd. · Charlton St. from Court St. to Springfield Ave. · Clay St. from Broad St. to Passaic River Bridge · Clinton Ave from Lincoln Park to Irvington Town Line · Court St. from Broad St. to Irvine Turner Blvd. · East Peddie St. from Elizabeth Ave. to Frelinghuysen Ave. · 18th Ave. from Irvine Turner Blvd. to Muhammad Ali Ave. · Elizabeth Ave. from Clinton Ave to Hillside Township Line · Empire St. from Victoria St. to Meeker Ave. · Ferry St. from Market St. to Raymond Blvd. · 1st St. from West Market St. to 291 Fourth St. · Fourth St. from No. 291 to Park Ave. · Frelinghuysen Ave. from Astor St. to Elizabeth City Line · Lafayette St. from Broad St. to Wilson Ave. · Lincoln Park from 1033 Broad St. southwest to Spruce St.; south from Spruce St. to Clinton Ave. then east from Clinton Ave.; then east from Clinton Ave. to Broad St. · Lock St. from Warren St. to Sussex Ave. · Market St. from Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd. to 376 Ferry St. · Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd. from Bloomfield Ave. to Clinton Ave. · Meeker Ave. from Frelinghuysen Ave. to Elizabeth Ave. · Morris Ave. from West Kinney St. to Springfield Ave. · Muhammad Ali Ave. from Eighteenth Ave. to Springfield Ave. · Murray St. from Sherman Ave. to Clinton Ave. · Nesbitt St. from Sussex Ave. to Orange St. · Orange St. from Broad St. to East Orange City Line · Park Pl. from 602 Broad St. to Sarah Vaughan Way · Poinier St. from Frelinghuysen Ave. to Broad St. · Raymond Blvd. from Warren St. to Blanchard St. · Sarah Vaughan Way from Park Pl. to McCarter Hwy · Sherman Ave. from Astor St. to Murray St. · South St. from Broad St. to Delancey St. · Springfield Ave. from Market St. to Irvington Town Line · Spruce St. from Washington St. to Irvine Turner Blvd. · Stockton St. from Delancey St. to Wilson Ave. · Tuxedo Parkway from Irvington Ave. to Woodbine Ave. · Victoria St. from Frelinghuysen Ave. to Empire St. · Washington St. from Lincoln Park to Broad St. · West Kinney St. from Broad St. to Morris Ave. · West Market St. from Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd. to Orange St. · William St. from Broad St. to Springfield Ave. · Wilson Ave. from Ferry St. to Stockton St.

Please click here for a list of streets to avoid due to flooding. This link can be found at the Department of Public Safety’s website: Click Police Division, Media Room and Weather.

Please call: 973-733-6000 for non-emergency weather related matters.

Dial 911 for emergencies.