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Summit Police Chief Addresses Rising Home Burglaries, Urges Community Action


By: Richard L. Smith 

Summit Police Chief Steven Zagorski has issued a letter to residents addressing the concerning rise in home burglaries in the community.AdThe Summit Police Department is intensifying its efforts to combat this trend, including increased strategic patrols and the use of advanced surveillance technology like license plate readers to identify and swiftly apprehend suspects.

Recognizing the regional nature of this issue, the Summit Police Department is collaborating with neighboring towns and participating in the Union County Prosecutor's Office Municipal Task Force initiative to share intelligence and resources.

This collaborative approach aims to create a stronger network for deterrence and detection, making it more challenging for criminals to operate.

Chief Zagorski also calls for residents to actively participate in enhancing their home security.

Recommendations include upgrading locks, investing in security systems with remote monitoring capabilities, installing motion-sensor lights, trimming shrubs and trees, and securing valuables in a safe.AdHe emphasizes the importance of community vigilance, encouraging residents to be aware of suspicious activities, share contact information with neighbors, and sign up for alert notifications like Everbridge Nixle, Smart911, and website notifications.

Starting March 1, 2024, the Summit Police Department will offer free home security assessments.

This initiative and a home safety assessment checklist will be available on the city website to provide residents with professional advice on protecting their homes.

Chief Zagorski assures the community of the department's commitment to maintaining safety and security and highlights the crucial role of community awareness and cooperation in these efforts.

He urges residents to contact the SPD for assistance and to report any suspicious activities.