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Suicidal Man Thankful North Brunswick Cop Pulled Him Over

By kcora on
North Brunswick Township

A motor vehicle stop Sunday morning, quickly turned into a second chance at life for the driver.

North Brunswick Patrol Officer conducted a motor vehicle stop on Route 27 sometime around 3:30 Sunday morning.

However, the vehicle did not immediately stop but finally came to a halt once in New Brunswick.

During the stop, the officer discovered that the driver's license was suspended. As the officer continued to investigate, the driver tried to flee but was stopped before getting too far.

The man was placed under arrest, but continued to pull away as he tried to flee.

The routine stop however quickly took a turn after the driver of the vehicle began thanking the officer.

Police said that the driver was going through a bad time and was suicidal, and tried several times to escape so he could run into oncoming traffic.

The unidentified man, thanked the officers for intervening and preventing him from taking any further action.

He was transported to an area hospital for help.

Photo: North Brunswick Police