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Suicidal Man Attempts to Jump From Route 78 Overpass in Newark

By rlsmetro on

Newark's police officials are reporting that 5th Precinct Officers Tianna Contreras and Briana Shanklin rescued a 25-year-old man from jumping the overpass at Route 78 Tuesday.  



“I’m grateful that our officers were able to talk the man down, essentially saving his life,” Director Ambrose said. “Our de-escalation training, coupled with the personal care of these officers, resulted in a peaceful ending for this individual’s family and the City of Newark as a whole. Instead of mourning the loss of a neighbor, we are celebrating the preservation of a life today.”

Newark Police said at approximately 5:20 p.m., the officers were patrolling the intersection of Nye Avenue and Walcott Terrace when they observed the man over the fence of the Route 78 overpass. Officers Contreras and Shanklin immediately exited their vehicle to render aid.

According to police, the man, holding onto the gate with one hand and his cell phone with the other, informed the officers of his intention to jump. The officers spoke to him until successfully convincing him not to jump. 

EMS transported the man to Newark Beth Israel Medical Center for further evaluation.