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Student Assaulted at Columbia High School in Maplewood; Increased Police Presence Ordered 


By: Richard L. Smith 

Maplewood Police are currently investigating an incident where a student from Columbia High School was violently assaulted on Tuesday, leading to hospitalization AdThe assault, reported to have occurred on the high school's premises, involved student(s) from a different local high school.

Upon receiving the report, Maplewood Police Officers swiftly responded to the scene at Columbia High School.  

Their initial investigation confirmed the assault, after which the victim was promptly treated on-site. Subsequently, the student was transported to a nearby hospital by the South Essex Fire Department, accompanied by their parent.  

Authorities have assured that there was no direct threat to the school or any other students.AdThe student has since been released from the hospital, suffering from minor injuries.  

The Maplewood Police Youth Aid Bureau is actively collaborating with the school to delve deeper into the circumstances surrounding the assault.  

As the investigation continues, students and faculty can expect an increased police presence around the high school to ensure the safety and security of all individuals involved.