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String of Overnight Burglaries in Essex County Under Investigation 

Essex County

By: Richard L. Smith 

Authorities across several towns in Essex County are probing a series of overnight burglaries and attempted break-ins, seeking potential links among the incidents.

The first reported case occurred in West Caldwell, where police rushed to Fairfield Avenue before 2:40 a.m. following reports of an attempted unlawful entry.

Reports say the suspect fled in a black Range Rover, believed to be stolen from Newark, with the license plate "W29-PRT".

Last spotted heading towards Roseland via Passaic Avenue, the suspect's quick escape has prompted an intense search.

Meanwhile, in Nutley, another burglary was reported on Whitford Avenue involving 2-3 male suspects.

OfficersDetails of what was stolen remain unclear, but the intruders reportedly left the scene in a light-colored vehicle, heading westbound on Passaic Avenue.

Adding to the spree, South Kingman Road witnessed suspicious activity, with males in red pants and another in a puffy jacket seen running towards Newark's West Ward.

The precise nature of this incident is still under investigation.

As of now, it's unclear if these burglaries are interconnected. However, the similarities in the methods and the proximity of the incidents have prompted a thorough investigation by the authorities.

Residents are urged to remain vigilant, lock doors, and report any suspicious activities as law enforcement officials continue to look into circumstances surrounding these incidents.