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A Stormy Monday Clears for a Better Tuesday Ahead for Friends, Family in Newark


By: Richard L. Smith 

After a wild night of storms on Monday, my friends and family living in Newark and the North Jersey region can look forward to a more favorable weather outlook today.

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While yesterday brought in heavy rain and thunderstorms, the air quality is back to normal this morning, providing relief for residents and visitors to the area.

The National Weather Service tells RLS Media that the humidity level currently stands at 87%, accompanied by a gentle southward breeze at 5 mph. The barometric pressure reads 29.67 inches, indicating stable atmospheric conditions.

As the day progresses, NWS forecasters say there's a 20 percent chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms until around 2 pm.

The sky will mostly remain cloudy, with the temperature peaking near 82 degrees. A west wind will blow at 7 to 16 mph, occasionally gusting up to 26 mph.

This suggests that while the weather is significantly better than the stormy conditions of the previous day, occasional showers are still possible throughout the day.

My friends and family in the Newark and North Jersey region are advised to carry umbrellas or rain jackets as they head out, as sporadic showers might occur.

Physical therapy Despite the chance of rain, the conditions are not expected to be as severe as the previous day's storms.

Remember to check for any weather advisories or updates on RLS Media by clicking HERE 24 hours a day before heading outdoors.

Please stay safe and make it a GREAT day, NJ!