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State Troopers Rescue Two Kayakers Stranded in the Sedge Islands

By kbm0423 on
Barnegat Bay

Troopers working a detail with the Marine Services Bureau Point Pleasant Station assisted two kayakers who were stranded in the Sedge Islands and unable to return to Island Beach State Park on Sunday.

According to officials, at approximately 10:10 p.m. on August 23, Detective Sergeant Kenneth Lutz and Sergeant Christopher Carney were dispatched to the report of two kayakers, Ken Staunton and his son, Christopher, who got lost attempting to return to Island Beach State Park.

While fishing in the Barnegat Bay, the kayakers were unable to navigate back to the docks after it suddenly got dark during a storm that came through the area.

When troopers arrived in the area, they worked with dispatchers to quickly locate the kayakers on one of the islands.

Due to the shallow waters, the troopers were unable to make it to the shoreline of the island. However, they illuminated a path for the kayakers who were able to paddle a short distance out to the troopers' vessel.

The troopers helped the kayakers onto their vessel and transported them back to Island Beach State Park.