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SOME HEATWAVE RELIEF: Scattered Showers, Possible Storms Ahead in Newark


By: Richard L. Smith 

After enduring a sweltering heat wave that left my friends and family in Newark and the North Jersey Region seeking relief, some respite has arrived in the form of overnight rain and storms.


These welcomed showers briefly broke the heat wave, which saw temperatures soaring.

While the heat won't be as intense today, National Weather Service meteorologist said the region still grapples with high humidity levels, creating an environment ripe for possible severe storms.

According to National Weather Service data, current weather conditions show a humidity level of 65%, with winds coming from the east at three mph and a barometric pressure reading of 29.87 in.

The forecast for the day indicates that showers are likely, with the possibility of a thunderstorm after 2 p.m.

Despite the expected rain, NWC forecasters say the day will remain mostly sunny with a high temperature near 90 degrees.

However, the heat index may still make it feel as hot as 99 degrees.

Winds are expected to shift from calm to a southward direction, blowing at 5 to 8 mph in the afternoon.

There is a 60% chance of precipitation, with anticipated rainfall amounts ranging from a quarter to half an inch.

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