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The Simple Act of Making Something Your Own: A Fun Activity to Spread Holiday Cheer

Woodbridge Township

By: Najla Alexander

Hi RLS Media friends and family, it’s Najla again with some exciting news! I found the perfect activity for you and your loved ones to do for any occasion, especially over the holidays, right here in New Jersey!  AdYou know the calm before the crazy holiday storm where it seems like your Xmas to-do list is never-ending and time is not slowing down. Then Christmas is here before you know it, and you feel like you must wait until next year to do the activities you want for yourself or a loved one.

Never fear because you do have time to do those activities before it’s too late, even if you think you don’t. It’s about making time for those holiday activities you’ve been itching to do with a loved one or yourself!


In my household, I feel that sometimes there is no time to sit down and do something to enjoy the holiday season. With the stress of life weighing you down, it seems like you can’t enjoy the true meaning of getting into the spirit of the holidays.

The holidays are about appreciating the big and small moments you create to have memories that will last forever.

In a tight-knit community like Carteret, you discover all these hidden gems throughout Middlesex County. Without my family and I stumbling upon ‘Three Brothers Paint and Chill,’ we would have never found LizMarck Candles & More LLC.

A candle and more company based in Irvington, New Jersey, that ships and can come to you!


My mom and I had the fantastic opportunity to create our homemade candle courtesy of our generous host Ebony, the owner ofThree Brothers Paint and Chill,’ and more, to design our unique scent and take home our candle!

Such a perfect thing to get into the holiday spirit, meet some amazing people along the way, and learn how patience can tie into making something even more incredible. 

LizMarck Candles & More LLC is another small family-oriented business spreading holiday cheer by showing how making something your own can bring people together. This fantastic business is run by Lissette Garcia, who, like ‘Three Brothers Paint and Chill,’ started  LizMarck during the pandemic and turned it into the beautiful business it is today, officials told RLS Media. 

“It started as a hobby for my children and me when the pandemic started in 2020; it was like a science class for us!” RLS Media was told.  Pic

“After so many attempts and learning how to make the perfect candle, we decided to sell them with no hope, but to our surprise, our customers loved them and continued to order them!” Lissette said.

Their business is a mix of their son’s and daughter’s names, Lizzie & Marck, and they wanted to make it a point to their children that they, too, can turn something fun and what they love to do into profit. It just happened this love was organic soy-wax candles with not only nice-smelling fragrances but organic wax and strong wicks that put all the other candles to shame.

With fantastic service that makes you want to keep coming back!

You could feel how much they cared about what they do and enjoyed sharing their business with others. I truly appreciated how I was able to be a part of an enjoyable experience of creating something homemade like a candle. The best part was taking home step-by-step instructions on how to do this whole process from home. 


You would think most businesses would deter from offering their customers a chance to stop buying their product, but it was quite the opposite here. This company is so confident in what they do and their customer loyalty that they don’t ‘gatekeep’ their work but shares it with open arms so anyone can appreciate the simple joy of making something your own.

Not only do they offer 7oz candles for only $15/each, or buy 2, you get a discount using a code available on the website: You can check them out on Instagram @lizmarckcandleco.

For any empty candle jar you want to be refilled with a specific scent, you will only be charged to fill it up and not for the jar itself, compared to if you were to buy it.

Also, for any scent or combination of scents you would like in your candle but don’t see them offered on the site, you can order specifically for the scents you want, and they will make it for you. Talk about fantastic customer service, and you can contact them at!


To sign up for a class, you can book one at ‘Three Brothers Paint and Chill,’ where it’s $35/ per person to make your homemade candle and take it home.

Either with a loved one or yourself, but it’s worth it to create something you came up with during the holidays and laugh with strangers about all the new scents you want to take home!

They are known for their unique candles and have their candle accessories, glass cups, and room sprays available. Lissette is also a home/seasonal event planner and decorator for any party decorating emergency with Decor by Liz: @decorby_liz.

The science behind finding the right scent, the correct measurements, the heating/cooling process, making sure to use the right wax, and remembering patience perfectly describes the holiday craziness of trying to create lasting memories.


This memory is one that I will never forget with the help of LizMarck Candles & More LLC, who made the holidays that much more special to enjoy by allowing me to create something special of my own during the holiday season.

Remember, RLS Media friends and family, you can do the same. Take the time to appreciate the holiday season as much as you can!