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ShotSpotter Device Alerts Police of Newark South Ward Shooting


By: Jeff Sommes 

Residents in a Newark South Ward community ran for cover after a gunman sprayed the community with multiple rounds of bullets Sunday evening. 

Police received reports of shots fired in the area of Madison Avenue and Bergen Street after a ShotSpotter device activated near the intersection around 5:30 p.m. 

Units arrived and found shell casings, but no injuries were reported after cops canvassed the scene. 

Several residents who were out decorating their homes with Christmas ornaments said they heard as many as a dozen popping noises before they took cover inside their homes. 

"I was outside fixing my Christmas inflatable and ran inside because I heard the bullets flying through the trees," a South Ward resident told RLS Media. 

The suspect fled the scene and remained at large. Police have not identified the motive for the shooting at this time.