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Shades of Death Road in Warren County Among the Top Five Scariest Places in the World to Visit: FinanceBuzz

By rlsmetro on
Warren County

Reporters at FinanceBuzz has ranked a section and road in Warren County, one of the scariest places to visit in the world.

FinanceBuzz officials said, the 7-mile stretch of Shades of Death Road is not just a scary road to drive, but thrill-seekers can also visit the haunted lake and even the abandoned stable on Lenape Lane if they're brave enough.

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According to Weird N.J. Shades of Death Road 'is one of the more famous street names in the state's roadside culture, which runs along an old haunted lake bed. The road occasionally has pillars of mist rising from the top of the water.

Weird N.J. reporters say the road winds alongside Jenny Jump State Forest up to Allamuchy in Warren County.

Finance Buzz focuses on travel and personal finance, which is why they provide tips for traveling.

Residents in the area say they excited to see Warren County made the list among international destinations.

How to reach: Shades of Death Road is an hour drive northeast of Lehigh Valley International Airport, and if you’re brave enough, you can camp for cheap right in Jenny Jump State Forest.

Since you’ll be driving, bring a credit card that gets cashback on your gas expenses. Your card won’t protect you on Shades of Death Road, but it will save you at the pump.


**IMAGE CREDIT:** Jimmy Jump State Forest Division of Parks and Forestry