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Second Child in Carbon Monoxide Filled Car in Passaic Dies


City officials today announced that the 3-year-old Passaic girl has died of carbon monoxide poising after the tailpipe of the car she was in became covered with snow, poisoning her and two others Saturday.

Police were called to Sherman Avenue around 8:15 p.m. for a report of three people found unresponsive inside a car.

According to reports, as one of the residents at the home tried to shovel his family out, the three members (Sashalynn Rosa, 23, Messiah, 1 and Saniyah, 3) remained inside the 2000 Mazda to keep warm.

However, the vehicle's exhaust pipe blocked by snow, sent the carbon monoxide into the vehicle.

The mother and children were transported to St. Mary's Hospital, where Sashalynn and Messiah were pronounced dead.

Saniyah who was transferred to St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center, succumbed to her injuries today, officials confirmed.

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