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School Bus Accident Sends Elizabeth Students to Hospital for Evaluation

By kcora on
Elizabeth New Jersey

A morning accident involving a school bus carrying Elizabeth students, had a total of 14 student transported to an area hospital as a precaution, school officials said this morning.

The initial reports of a MASS CASUALTY incident was erroneous and irresponsible, Donald Goncalves, assistant board secretary for the Elizabeth schools said. 

The crash, which was reported sometime before 8:30 a.m., involving a vehicle versus a school bus was very minor, added Goncalves.

According to Goncalves, a driver went around the right of the bus on its right causing the vehicle's bumper to hit the back tire of the bus. As a safety protocol, it is our standard operating procedure to have any child taken to the hospital whenever an accident takes place no matter how small the accident is, Goncalves added. All 14 kids have been checked and are returning back to School 29. Goncalves said, "Special thanks to Mercy Mallari and her team at Trinitas for being caring with our children and providing juice and cookies for them this morning."