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Saturday Sunshine Gives Way to Evening Showers, Clearing for Easter Sunday


By: Richard L. Smith 

Mother Nature has graced the Newark and North Jersey Region with a sunny start this Saturday, offering a chillier morning than yesterday without the gusty winds.AdThe day will remain bright until clouds begin to roll in later this evening, potentially affecting those with dinner plans.

However, the weather is set to clear up just in time for Easter Sunday, promising a comfortable day ahead.

Today's forecast from The National Weather Service indicates increasing clouds with a high near 59 degrees, accompanied by a west wind blowing at 9 to 14 mph.

As the evening approaches, NWS forecasters say there's a 50 percent chance of showers before 3 a.m., turning the skies mostly cloudy with a low of around 44 degrees.AdWhile the day promises ample sunshine for any daytime activities, those planning to dine out tonight should be prepared for the possibility of rain.

Despite the brief interruption, the outlook for Easter Sunday is bright, ensuring that the holiday can be enjoyed in pleasant weather conditions.