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'A Sacred Ground of Heritage and Honor'; NJ's Lamington Black Cemetery


By: Richard L. Smith 

Nestled in the Lamington section of Bedminster Township, New Jersey, lies a hallowed ground that tells the stories of African American lives, both enslaved and freed.

AdKnown as the Lamington Black Cemetery or the Cowperthwaite African American Cemetery, I learned that this sacred site stands on Cowperthwaite Road, preserving the legacy of generations past.

A beacon of history and memory, the cemetery's significance was highlighted in a powerful re-dedication ceremony attended by New Jersey dignitaries, including the Secretary of State, a former governor, and a congressman.

This solemn event celebrated the cemetery's restoration and paid homage to Civil War soldiers interred within its bounds.

Among the attendees were descendants of the Lane and Hurling families, whose ancestors rest beneath the cemetery's enduring grave markers and tombstones.

Listed as a contributing property to the Lamington Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places since June 21, 1984, the cemetery encapsulates a rich history of African American heritage.

Historical records reveal that the Lamington Presbyterian Church's cemetery served as the final resting place for both enslaved individuals and those who had found freedom.AdThe Lamington Black Cemetery is a testament to the African American community's resilience, dignity, and indomitable spirit.

It reminds us of the significant contributions and sacrifices made by African Americans in shaping the history and fabric of New Jersey and the nation.

As we honor this sacred site, we pay tribute to the lives and legacies of those who rest there, forever engraving their stories into the heart of our collective memory.

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