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Ruling Upheld Leaving Former Margate Firefighter Snack Thief Without a Job

Margate City

A now former Margate firefighter found guilty of stealing $7.98 worth of snacks from Wawa, won't get his job back after an appeals court this week upheld the ruling.

Officials said Ashton P. Funk, 36, of Northfield, in 2015 was charged with stealing $7.98 worth of snacks from Margate Wawa. In 2016, Funk filed an appeal in Superior Court, challenging the credibility of the officer and the store manager's testimony. However, the appeals panel found the lower court's decisions' was well reasoned and the witnesses and their statements were in fact credible.

Authorities stated that in addition to the shoplifting case, Funk last year was among 20 people arrested in an oxycodone operation unveiled by state police. Funk faces two third-degree charges of manufacturing, distributing and dispensing a controlled dangerous substance and could face three to five years in prison and a fine of up to $15,000 in the drug case.