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Residents Warned of Life Threatening, Oppressive Conditions Outdoors as Heat Wave Continues in NJ

By rlsmetro on
New Jersey

The National Weather Service has issued an alert to residents around NJ as local municipalities prepare ways to keep their residents cool from an oppressive heatwave that hit the state on Wednesday. 

The National Weather Service said the dangerous and stifling heat and humidity that gripped the Northeast has made its way to NJ, prompting Excessive Heat Warnings and Heat Advisories that will last until much cooler temperatures give NJ residents some much-needed relief. 

According to weather officials, heat indices in Newark and other parts of Northern NJ ranged between 95-99, with these temperatures feeling like110 degrees to 115 degrees. 

For the elderly, too much heat is not safe for anyone. It is even riskier if you are older or have health problems. It is essential to get relief from the heat quickly.

If not, elderly individuals might begin to feel confused or faint, causing life-threatening or fatal injuries, according to The National Institute on Aging.

"Older people can have a tough time dealing with heat and humidity. The temperature inside or outside does not have to reach 100°F (38°C) to put them at risk for a heat-related illness," The National Institute on Aging said.


Weather officials say a cold front will usher in more seasonal conditions to NJ on Friday. Still, the entire Northeast will have to wait until Saturday for slightly cooler conditions to arrive.

Expect severe thunderstorms to impact Northern New Jersey in the evening hours, that could cause some flooding and power outages. 


"That said, some areas of flash flooding are possible due to a pocket of abundant atmospheric moisture centered over the region," The National Weather Center said.

INFORMATION CREDIT: The National Weather Service, Clara Maass Hospital Belleville, NJ, The National Institue on Aging