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Reported Lurings have Montclair Police on Alert

By rlsmetro on

A reported luring that occurred in Montclair has authorities on alert this evening.

According to the Montclair Police Department, officers responded to a report of an attempted luring in the area of Park Street and Claremont Avenue at around 6:30 p.m.

Police said that a 16-year-old female told them that a dark color sedan pulled up next to her as she was walking alone south on Park Street.

The driver of the vehicle repeatedly instructed the girl to get into the car according to reports.

Police said that the girl ran from the area on foot.

The suspect can only be described as a male with a possible accent and did not exit his vehicle at any point during this incident police said.

In an incident that happened last week, Montclair Police Department responded to a report of an attempted luring in the area of Norwood Avenue and Marion Road.

Police said a 9-year-old male, was walking along when a blue or black color sedan pulled up beside him and started to honk his horn.

The driver of the vehicle instructed the juvenile to follow him prompting the minor to run from the scene.

The suspect is described as a white male, 50’s, regular length white/gray hair, a white mustache, and beard, wearing a black shirt. The suspect did not exit his vehicle during this incident. See composite drawing of the suspect.

It is not clear if the incidents are connected at this time.