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Rainy Weather Settles Over North Jersey, Dampening Midweek Plans


By: Richard L. Smith 

North Jersey residents are experiencing a wet start to their Wednesday, with rain moving into the area and setting the stage for a dreary morning commute.VaccineThe mild temperatures won't do much to lift spirits as the region braces for what is expected to be a couple of days without sunshine in Newark.

As the day progresses, the heaviest rainfall is anticipated to occur this afternoon into the evening, ensuring a soggy conclusion to the day.

Temperatures will hover in the low 60s, which is relatively cool for this time of year.

According to the National Weather Service, the chance of precipitation is 80%, and new rainfall amounts are expected to be between a tenth and a quarter of an inch.

Tonight, the rain will continue, mainly before 5 a.m., and temperatures will drop slightly to a low of around 58 degrees.

Residents are advised to prepare for continued wet conditions and ensure they have umbrellas and raincoats to navigate the persistent showers.