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Rainy Morning in Newark, North Jersey Region With Gusty Winds to Follow


By: Richard L. Smith 

My friends and family in the Newark and North Jersey region faced a wet start to their day, with rain pouring down earlier this morning.AdThose venturing outdoors are advised to carry an umbrella, although temperatures remain mild at 59 degrees.

The region is currently experiencing heavy rainfall, particularly affecting areas like Passaic and Sussex, but conditions are expected to improve as the day progresses.

The National Weather Service reports that the heavy rain will persist through the morning but will start to taper off as gusty winds up to 40 mph sweep through Newark, helping to dry out the damp conditions.

The weather will remain mostly cloudy, with a steady temperature around 62 degrees. Winds from the southwest will blow at 13 to 20 mph, with gusts reaching up to 31 mph.AdNWS forecasters say showers and thunderstorms are likely before 2 p.m., with a possibility of isolated thunderstorms resuming after 5 p.m.

The chance of precipitation stands at 60%. Tonight, the likelihood of showers drops to 20 percent as clouds increase, with overnight lows expected around 47 degrees.

Commuters are encouraged to drive safely due to potentially challenging road conditions caused by the weather.