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Rainy, Dreary Day Ahead for Newark, North Jersey Region



By: Richard L. Smith 

Meteorologists for the National Weather Service said Newark and North Jersey residents should prepare for a rainy and dreary day.

With humidity levels at a high 90%, NWS forecasters said the atmosphere is saturated and ready to release showers.

According to the weather forecast, rain is expected to begin after 8 am, and at times, it could be heavy.

This means that umbrellas and raincoats will be essential for navigating wet conditions. Additionally, after 2 pm, NWS forecasters said areas of fog will develop, reducing visibility and making it necessary to exercise caution while driving or walking outside.

Temperatures will remain relatively cool, with a high near 66 degrees.

NWS Meteorologists say the east wind will blow at a gentle speed of 3 to 6 mph, adding a slight breeze to the air. It is advisable to dress warmly to avoid feeling chilly in the damp weather.


The chance of precipitation is estimated at a high 90%, indicating a substantial likelihood of rain throughout the day. Forecasters predict that between 1 and 2 inches of rain could accumulate, potentially leading to localized flooding.

It is important to stay informed about any flood alerts or advisories issued by local authorities.

As evening approaches, the rainy conditions are expected to persist. Local police in the region said the wet roads may become slippery, so drivers should exercise caution and maintain safe speeds.

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Remember to stay dry and take extra care while navigating the rainy conditions in Newark and the North Jersey region.