Rahway to Pay $150K Settlement to Athletic Director Over Arrest

The city is expected to pay the High School Athletic Director Thomas Louis $150,000 to settle his federal lawsuit for his 2014 arrest during a basketball tournament.

According to reports, Lewis, last month signed an agreement with the city's insurance carrier, where Lewis will drop all claims against the city and eight members of the police department resolving the lawsuit.

The arrest occurred on Dec. 28, 2014; Lewis was at the John Butch Kowal Basketball Tournament being played at Rahway High School. According to Lewis, the incident that ended in his arrest was retaliation by Rodger because Lewis repeatedly rejected the chief's request that more police be hired to provide security at sporting events.

In addition to the embarrassment of being arrested in from of collages, Lewis added that following his arrest, Rahway and Clark school officials received letters from the state Department of Education informing them of charges against him disqualify him from serving in either district.

The fourth-degree aggravated assault on a police officer charges was ultimately dismissed after the Prosecutor's office, and Rahway police reviewed the case.