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Public Health Alert Issued for Sam's Club, Costco Charcuterie Products Amid Salmonella Outbreak

New Jersey

By: Richard L. Smith 

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has issued a public health alert concerning ready-to-eat charcuterie meat products linked to a multi-state Salmonella outbreak.AfThe products under scrutiny are the Busseto brand Charcuterie Sampler and the Fratelli Beretta brand Antipasto Gran Beretta, with reports of illnesses prompting the alert as a precautionary measure.

The implicated Fratelli Beretta brand Antipasto Gran Beretta was available at Costco, packaged in a 24-oz. twin-pack, while the Busseto brand Charcuterie Sampler was sold at Sam's Club in an 18-oz. twin-pack. Consumers are alerted that any lot code of these products could potentially be contaminated.

Both Costco and Sam's Club have ceased the sale of these products.

Authorities have identified the products by the establishment numbers "EST. 7543B" and/or "EST. #47967," either within the USDA mark of inspection or on the package itself.AdThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has also released food safety alert label images for public reference.

The FSIS, in collaboration with the CDC and state public health partners, is investigating a Salmonella outbreak that has resulted in 47 reported cases of Salmonella I 4:i:- illnesses across 22 states, with cases reported between November 20, 2023, and January 1, 2024.

Consumers who have purchased these products are urged to exercise caution and stay informed about the ongoing investigation and safety measures.