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Prednisone is Common for Treating Lupus But You Can Treat Yourself by Changing Your Diet

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Dealing with a chronic disease like lupus can be challenging. According to the Center for Disease Control, concerns about your health and the effects of lupus on your work and family life can be stressful. 

While there is no cure for Lupus, medical professionals and Rheumatologists around the country say diet and exercise are key factors in overall physical health.


What you eat can alter how your body deals with inflammation and how fast it heals itself. Steroid use and other medications are common for people living with lupus, but you can also help yourself by changing your diet.

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CDC officials said you might have to make changes to what you eat based on your symptoms or treatment plan. Ask your doctor or nurse if you need to eat special foods or limit other foods because of your lupus.

  • If you develop hyperlipidemia (high level of fats in the blood) because of your lupus, you may need to follow a low-fat eating plan.
  • If steroids and other medicines cause you to gain weight, you may want to follow a low-calorie eating plan.
  • Because people with lupus need to avoid the sun, you may lack vitamin D. Your doctor or nurse may advise you to take a vitamin.

Medical officials from around the country said there are many natural anti-inflammatory foods.

They include flaxseeds, avocados, walnuts, berries, leafy green vegetables, carrots, squash, and lean protein. Choose fresh foods over processed ones.

Doctors and registered dietitians warn that some anti-inflammatory foods, such as garlic, can actually worsen lupus symptoms.

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Again, it’s best to speak with your dietitian to obtain the best food options in your battle with Lupus. 

CDC officials said one of the side effects of lupus is a troublesome digestive system. Help it along by having easily digestible foods.

For instance, hard-to-digest foods, like nuts, can be soaked before eating.  Soups and fruit smoothies are also easy to digest and very nutritious. 

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