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A Prayer Worth $5M for Bergenfield NJ Lottery Scratch-Off Winner


TRENTON – Nonie Briggs of Bergenfield is a regular Lottery player who enjoys playing Scratch-Offs in her spare time.

According to a statement released by NJ lottery officials, she periodically prays to her parents, who passed away, and has ended up with a few lucky numbers in the past.

Officials say after praying to her mom for a blessing, she received a call asking her to work on the weekend to cover for a coworker. She agreed and stopped for breakfast on her way into work, picking up a $30 Lucky 7s Scratch-Offs ticket too.

She scratched the ticket and won a free ticket, so she redeemed it right away for a second ticket. The second ticket also was a “free ticket” winner, so she also redeemed that ticket. The third ticket was another winner – this time for $50!

After her third win, she bought one more ticket, pocketing the other $20 of her winnings. She scratched the fourth ticket while still in the store and started crying when she saw the prize this time.

Officials say Nonie Briggs had just won $5,000,000. She had the retailer scan the ticket to confirm her win and began jumping up

and down screaming when it was confirmed.

Nonie immediately called her husband and the rest of her family with the good news. When she told her husband, the phone went silent as he was in disbelief. Nonie said she and her family plan to invest and save the winnings for the future. Her lucky ticket was purchased at Oprandy’s Wine & Liquor on 481 North Dean St., Englewood in Bergen County.

New Jersey Lottery players claimed more than $106.2 million in prizes playing Scratch-Off games in July. Below is a listing of the top prizes over $10,000 won for the month.