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Police Lock Down Montclair High School Due to Reports of Student with Weapon


Police in Montclair are investigating an incident where they had to lock down a school due to reports of individuals with weapon.

Police say the student was later identified and did not have a weapon, Montclair High School Principal Anthony Grosso said in a message to parents. The type of weapon reported was not disclosed.

“It was brought to our attention during lunch that a student may have had a weapon in their possession,” Grosso said in the email. “Montclair High School went into a lockdown and released into a shelter in place. The Montclair Police Department was immediately notified. The student was identified and apprehended with their belongings. The Montclair Police Department found that the student did not have a weapon in their possession.

This incident is still under investigation by the Montclair Police Department. We want to thank the Montclair Police Department for responding quickly and efficiently.”