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Police Force Their Way Into Lyndhurst Apartment to Help Woman in Labor


A woman gave birth to a healthy baby inside her Lyndhurst apartment this morning.

According to authorities, today officers along with the Lyndhurst Police Emergency Squad were dispatched to an apartment complex in the Meadowlands area of town on a report of a woman in labor.

Prior to arriving on sthe cene, responding officers were advised that the woman was alone and had just given birth inside of the apartment.

However, she was unable to move to unlock the apartment door due to her body's position and the amount of pain she was experiencing.

Additionally, the sounds of a newborn baby crying were heard in the background during the call to police headquarters.

Therefore, officers were faced with a split second decision and forced entry into the apartment. It was at that time, officers located the woman kneeling up against her bed and the newborn baby lying on his back on the bedroom floor between her legs.

Officers quickly removed the baby from the floor and wrapped him in clean towels and began tending to both the mother and her baby.

While doing so, officers inside the apartment were on the phone with the woman's husband advising him of what had taken place.

The proud father stated that his vehicle had run out of gasoline and he was leaving his vehicle on Route 3 in an attempt to run home.

As luck would have it, he was able to grab the attention of a Good Samaritan who drove him to his apartment.

Shortly thereafter, mother and baby were transported by ambulance to Hackensack University Medical Center where they are both doing well.

An excellent team effort by all involved for a successful outcome!