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Police Arrest Three for Knifepoint Robbery at Wayne Motel

By rlsmetro on

Wayne police arrested three suspects wanted for a knifepoint robbery at a motel in the city.

According to authorities, officers on patrol were waved down by a female victim who reported that she was in a room with another woman who robbed her at knifepoint and struck her in the face with a glass bottle.

While other officers canvassed the area, Cobianchi searched the alleged victim’s companion, who police identified as Frank Mandevills, 30, who gave police a fake name, was carrying syringes and drug paraphernalia.

Police also arrested Mr. Nicholas Aguilar, 31, who was carrying a knife and four heroin folds.

Police say they also captured the accused robber, identified as Ms. Erin Dockray, 40.

None of the suspects’ addresses could be confirmed.