Police Arrest One Suspect in Erratic Driving 'Chicken Game' Crash in Newark

Police took a male driver of a car into custody after he crashed while driving erratically in the city's South Ward Sunday morning.

According to authorities, officers patrolling the area of Begen and Custer Avenue spotted three vehicles that were driving at high speed through the neighborhood while playing a dangerous game of 'chicken.'

When the three cars reached the intersection police say they observed one of the vehicles crashed.

Police officers were able to take the driver of that vehicle into custody swiftly, but the suspects in the remaining two cars sped away from the scene.

According to officials, Chicken is a game in which two players drive cars at each other. The first to swerve away and slow down loses and is humiliated as the "chicken"; if neither player swerves, the result is a potentially fatal head-on collision.

Police say there was no pursuit taking place and EMS was called to the scene as a precaution.

The incident remains under investigation.