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Police Arrest 15-Year-Old Boy for Threats Made to Toms River High School

Toms River

After a week-long investigation, authorities announced today that a 15-year-old boy was taken into custody in connection with threats written on a wall at High School North.

According to police, Toms River Schools Superintendent David Healy confirmed that a sophomore student who attends the school has been identified as the individual who wrote the threatening messages.

Chief Little credits the strong cooperation between the police department and the school system for apprehending the student.

Healy states that, “We also want to thank the students who did the right thing by reporting the initial incident as well as providing information to school Principal Edward Keller and School Resource officer Frank Bopp that led to the arrest.”

Police Detective Thomas Grosse consulted with Ocean County Assistant Prosecutor Anthony Pierro and a third degree criminal offense of 2C:33-3(a); causing false public alarm was filed against the 15-year-old student.

He was processed in the municipal jail and subsequently released to the custody of his father pending a future court date.

In addition to the criminal charges; the student will face disciplinary action at the school level.

The discipline levied by the school system could range from suspension up to a recommendation to the board of education for expulsion. Healy goes on to say that in the coming weeks all of the facts will be thoroughly reviewed by his staff and the school board prior to a final decision being made.

Chief Little adds that this matter has been thoroughly investigated and it was determined that there was never any credible threat to harm anyone at the school.

Additionally, the student had no means or verifiable intent to act upon his threats. As always, we initially treat any incident such as this as legitimate until we can prove it otherwise. It is regrettable that a misguided decision by a child caused wide spread alarm to the community and wasted taxpayer resources.