Plainfield Officer Struck Man Multiple Times with Closed Fist After Resisting Arrest Police say

A video that surfaced of a Plainfield Police Officer striking a ‘disorderly’ man multiple time is under investigation.

According to a statement released by Plainfield Police, Thursday, at approximately 10:50 am, Plainfield Police Officers responded to a business in the 100 Block of Watchung Avenue on a report of a disorderly person breaking dishes inside the business.

Police say upon their arrival, officers observed a customer actively involved in a dispute inside the establishment with an employee.

When the customer observed the police presence, he hastily walked out of the business.

According to police when officers advised the customer to stop walking he ignored officers’ requests.

Officers claimed that they attempted to safely detain the customer however the customer allegedly became extremely irate.

After several failed attempts in gaining compliance with the customer, the customer was informed that he was being placed under arrest for Obstruction of the Administration of the Law.

Police say Leon Brown, 49, of Dunellen, immediately became more enraged and was taken to the ground.

“Mr. Brown continuously failed to comply with officers, would not place his hands behind his back and his hands remained concealed underneath the center of his body,” according to police.

Police say an officer made attempts to pry his hands away from his body, but all attempts were unsuccessful.

At this time, it was unclear if Brown was in possession of any weapons as he continued not to comply with putting his hands behind his back as instructed.

The officer then used a level of force and sprayed Brown with two short burst of Oleoresin Capsicum (OC spray). Mr. Brown still failed to comply with officers orders and did not put his hands behind his back police said.

The officers then used the next level of force and briefly struck Brown four times in his lower right side with a closed fist in an attempt to stun him to get his hands away from his body so they can be secured.

Police say after the fourth strike combined with an officer kneeling on him, Brown then complied and was successfully placed under arrest.

Police say Brown was treated by medics due to his exposure to the spray but refused further medical treatment as he did not sustain any other injuries.

Police charged Brown with Obstruction of the Administration of the Law and Resisting Arrest. Accordingly, a use of Force report and all officer body camera footage will be filed with the Union County Prosecutors Office for their review.