Physical Altercation that Originated at Irvington High School Ends In Shots Fired on a Township Street

Police in Irvington Township are continuing to investigate an incident that began as a physical altercation at the High School that resulted in gunfire on a township street.

According to officials, officers were called to the high school on Thursday to break up a fight that involved several people where their fast arrival to the school had units disperse a crowd and identify all parties involved in the dispute.

Police said all parties involved in the fight left the high school and begin to engage in physical struggle in the area of Lyons and Union Avenue where a male produced a firearm and discharged it in the air witnesses told police.

Officers on routine patrol in the area observed the crowd and requested further assistance before the found the suspect in possession of the weapon.

The suspect was placed into custody by officers without further incident.

Police said no one was injured during the altercation.