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Physical Altercation Ends with Woman Torching Car in Newark's South Ward


Newark Police officials are on the search for a woman who set a car ablaze after an early morning fight that erupted between other participants on a street in the city's South Ward.

According to preliminary reports, firefighters were called to the vicinity of Wainwright Street and Nye Avenue after they received reports of a vehicle fire at approximately 5:05 a.m.

Crews arrived at the scene found a woman and at least two other people engaged in a physical altercation that appeared to be domestic related according to reports.

While firefighters were extinguishing the car fire, a fire official attempted to detain the woman who allegedly set the car on fire, but the suspect fled from the scene.

The fire official contacted Newark Police then followed the woman who was lost a short distance from the scene.

The investigation is being handled by the Newark Fire Departement Arson Division and the Newark Police Department.