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Peaceful Property Transfer: Jefferson Township Police, Morris County Sheriff Collaborate for Safe Eviction

Morris County

By: Tracie Carter 

In a joint statement, Jefferson Township Police Chief Paul Castimore and Morris County Sheriff James M. Gannon announced the successful conclusion of a police-supported activity on Highview Terrace.

AdThe operation, extending from the evening of January 19, 2024, to late morning the following day, was part of a collaborative effort involving the Jefferson Township Police Department, Morris County Sheriff's Office, and additional law enforcement agencies.

The activity stemmed from a court-ordered eviction, as mandated by the Morris County Superior Court, Chancery Division.

The Morris County Sheriff's Office was assigned to execute the eviction order in the Lake Shawnee Community.

Addressing community concerns, both Chief Castimore and Sheriff Gannon emphasized that the law enforcement presence was purely precautionary.AdThey assured residents that at no point was there any immediate threat or danger.

The operation was primarily focused on ensuring the safety and well-being of the community during the property transfer.

Chief Castimore thanked the community for their cooperation and patience, acknowledging the emotional nature of such operations.

Similarly, Sheriff Gannon appreciated the collaborative effort and partnership between the Jefferson Township Police Department, the Morris County Sheriff's Office, and state law enforcement agencies, which played a crucial role in the peaceful resolution of the property transfer.