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Paterson Ranked as New Jersey’s Most Diverse Municipality

By rlsmetro on

Mayor Andre Sayegh and Paterson City officials will join to celebrate the City’s recent designation as New Jersey’s most ethnically and racially diverse municipality. 

The ranking is based on the Diversity Index, which bases its data from US Census estimates. The index does not just calculate the number or volume of ethnic and racial groups, but the chances that any two people chosen from the municipality come from a different background. 

In this measure, a score of 0.0 implies that there is no diversity, all people are the same; a score of 1.0 means that all individuals in the municipality are of a different background and identify as such in the US Census.

According to the Diversity Index, Paterson is the only municipality to rank above a 0.9, with an ethnic and racial balance or score of 0.92. 

The July 2nd event will begin with a formal raising of the City Flag at 12:00 pm and then lead into a food and art celebration along Colt Street next to City Hall. 

There will be various types of ethnic food vendors, music, and artists represented at the event, illustrating the City’s culturally rich and diverse fabric for all to enjoy.