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Paterson to Raise Flag for Lupus Awareness


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By: Richard L. Smith 

The Honorable Mayor Andre Sayegh and several city and health officials will raise the Lupus flag for the first time at Paterson City Hall to mark Lupus Awareness Month and emphasize the significance of raising awareness about the debilitating autoimmune disease.

It will happen at around noon. 

According to NJ Health Department, Lupus affects millions worldwide, predominantly women.

It causes the immune system to attack healthy tissues and organs, leading to inflammation and damage in various body parts.

Health officials said, unfortunately, Lupus remains an under-recognized and misunderstood condition, making it crucial to shed light on the disease and its impact on individuals and communities.

The Lupus flag-raising event organized by the Mayor's Office is a poignant symbol of solidarity with those living with Lupus and their loved ones.

City officials said that by raising the Lupus flag, the City of Paterson aims to generate public awareness, promote understanding, and encourage support for individuals battling the complex illness.